Malachi 3

1:1 (e-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Malachi'), Said to mean, 'Messenger of Jah.'3:1 messenger, (d-5) Angel (d-28) Malach, i.e. messenger or angel. covenant, (e-31) See Ex. 32.34. 3:2 endure (f-4) Or 'be fit for.' 3:5 oppress (g-33) Or 'defraud.' see Note, Lev. 6.2. right], (h-53) Or 'wrest the judgment of the stranger.' 3:10 it. (i-48) Or 'a blessing, to superabundance.' 3:17 treasure, (a-9) Or 'my own possession,' as Ex. 19.5. 3:18 discern (b-6) Or 'shall again discern.'
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