Mark 11

1:2 prophet, (c-8) Many read 'in the prophets.' My impression is that it was originally 'in the prophet' simply. way. (d-21) Mal. 3.1.11:1 to (b-6) to (b-8) at (b-12) Eis and pros. see Notes, Matt. 21.1; Eph. 4.12. 11:2 man (c-31) Lit. 'no one of men.' 11:4 crossway, (d-15) Leading round the house, not the main street. 11:6 commanded. (e-9) Or, as some authorities read, 'said.' 11:7 cast (f-9) Imperfect. 'were casting;' but many read the present tense. 11:9 Lord's (g-19) 'Lord' here is 'Jehovah.' See Ps. 118.25-26. 11:11 temple; (h-9) Hieron, the general buildings. 11:15 temple, (h-10) temple, (h-24) Hieron, the general buildings. 11:16 temple. (h-13) Hieron, the general buildings. package (i-10) Or 'vessel.' 11:17 written, (k-10) Isa. 56.7. robbers. (l-32) Jer. 7.11. 11:23 for (a-45) Lit. 'shall be to.' 11:24 for (a-27) Lit. 'shall be to.' ask, (b-15) Aiteo. see Note b, John 14.16. 11:25 offences. (c-27) Trespasses. 11:26 offences. (c-18) Trespasses. 11:27 temple, (d-14) As ch. 11.11.
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