Mark 2

1:2 prophet, (c-8) Many read 'in the prophets.' My impression is that it was originally 'in the prophet' simply. way. (d-21) Mal. 3.1.2:1 house; (d-19) 'At home,' in the sense of 'not away on a journey.' 2:8 knowing (e-4) Epiginosko. 'knowing well,' or 'recognizing because he knew.' see Matt. 7.16. 2:10 power (f-12) Exousia. see Note, Matt. 9.6; 10.1. 2:13 came (c-13) The imperfect tense, 'were, or kept, coming to him.' 2:21 new (a-7) Lit. 'unfulled' or 'unmilled,' as Matt. 9.16. 2:26 of] (b-12) i.e. in the section of a book in which the fact is recorded.
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