Mark 7

1:2 prophet, (c-8) Many read 'in the prophets.' My impression is that it was originally 'in the prophet' simply. way. (d-21) Mal. 3.1.7:3 diligently, (g-13) Or 'often.' lit. 'with the fist,' a word of very uncertain and contested meaning. ancients; (h-24) Or 'the tradition of the elders.' 7:5 ancients, (a-23) Or 'the tradition of the elders.' 7:6 written, (b-17) Isa. 29.13. 7:9 yourselves (c-23) Or 'your tradition.' 7:10 said, (d-3) Ex. 20.12. and, (e-10) Ex. 21.17. of (f-15) Or 'abuses,' 'curses.' 7:11 corban (g-16) See Note at Matt. 27.6. 7:22 covetousness, (h-2) Lit. 'covetousnesses.' As 'greedy unsatisfied lust,' Eph. 4.19. see Note. Eph. 5.3. language, (i-10) Lit. 'blasphemy,' as Eph. 4.31. 7:27 children (k-8) children's (k-21) Teknon. 'children' in the sense of being born of the family, used by John to signify this relationship in Christians, as born of God; see 1John 3.1. different from huios, 'sons.' dogs. (l-28) See Matt. 15.26,27 7:28 Yea, (l-8) See Matt. 15.26,27 children's (m-20) Paidion, or 'little children' (a diminutive), without particular reference to the family they are of. see 1John 2.13. 7:31 Decapolis. (a-25) As ch. 5.20. 7:34 groaned, (b-7) Stenazo. as Rom. 8.23; 2Cor. 5.2-4. 7:37 does (c-9) Or 'has done.' the perfect tense.
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