Mark 8

1:2 prophet, (c-8) Many read 'in the prophets.' My impression is that it was originally 'in the prophet' simply. way. (d-21) Mal. 3.1.8:10 ship (d-6) Or 'the ship,' as ch. 6.45. 8:12 groaning (e-2) Or 'groaning deeply.' given (f-27) Lit. 'if a sign shall be given;' Hebraism, as in Heb. 3.11. 8:13 ship, (d-10) Or 'the ship,' as ch. 6.45. 8:23 beheld (a-36) Lit. 'beholds.' 8:30 straitly, (b-5) Or 'strictly.' 8:32 thing (c-5) Logos, 'matter' or 'discourse.' 8:35 shall (d-3) shall (d-14) 'Shall' has the sense of the conditional or subjunctive here, of possibility.
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