Matthew 16

1:11 away (a-14) In those days conquerors transported conquered nations to distant seats, and replaced them by others, that national feeling might not subsist, but dependence be complete. 'Carrying away' is feeble for this, but I know no other word.16:4 left (c-26) To leave absolutely, as ch. 21.17; John 8.9; Heb. 11.27. 16:6 beware (d-8) The Greek means, 'to fix one's mind on;' and the 'of' is 'because of,' 'in view of.' 'To attend so as to guard yourself from.' 'Beware of,' I believe, most nearly conveys it. so ver. 11. 16:9 hand-baskets (a-18) A round-plaited hand-basket for a journey. 16:10 baskets (b-12) Larger than the 'hand-basket' in ver. 9. It is particularly a 'fish-basket.' [up]? (c-15) See chs. 14.20 and 15.37. 16:13 into (d-6) As ch. 15.21. see Note. demanded (e-12) Or 'questioned;' erotao. see Note, John 14.16. 16:14 again, (f-13) i.e. a 'different class.' 16:17 Bar-jona, (g-11) 'Son of Jonas.' 16:18 Peter, (h-11) 'A stone.' gates (i-23) Or 'gates of hades.' These words are rather in a remarkable manner without the article, giving the character of the power rather than a particular object before the mind. 16:25 life (k-8) The word signifies both 'life' and 'soul.' 16:26 soul? (k-20) The word signifies both 'life' and 'soul.' 16:28 that (l-13) 'Who are such as.' see ch. 2.6. Or 'who indeed.' see Note, Luke 9.30. all (m-20) 'Not at all.' a strengthened negative.
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