Matthew 17

1:11 away (a-14) In those days conquerors transported conquered nations to distant seats, and replaced them by others, that national feeling might not subsist, but dependence be complete. 'Carrying away' is feeble for this, but I know no other word.17:4 make (a-20) Some read 'I will make,' which I suspect to be the true reading, which copyists thought too bold. But many have it as in the text. 17:5 overshadowed (b-10) The cloud covered, without darkening them; it was bright -- the excellent glory. 2Pet. 1.17. The word is used in the LXX for the cloud which took possession of the tabernacle and filled it with glory, Ex. 40.34-35. see Mark 9.7. 17:12 from (c-35) hupo, the causative or instrumental power, the Son of man being the passive recipient. 17:17 long (d-11) long (d-18) Lit. 'until when.' 17:20 transported (e-33) See ch. 12.9. 17:24 didrachmas (a-11) A Jewish personal tribute to the temple. See Exod. 30.11-16, and cf. Neh. 10.32,33. 17:25 Yes. (b-3) Or 'Surely.' 17:27 stater; (c-38) A 'stater' or 'shekel' equals two didrachmas.
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