Matthew 19

1:11 away (a-14) In those days conquerors transported conquered nations to distant seats, and replaced them by others, that national feeling might not subsist, but dependence be complete. 'Carrying away' is feeble for this, but I know no other word.19:1 withdrew (d-13) Or 'took himself away.' 19:4 them (a-20) It may be translated 'that he who made them from the beginning, made them,' &c.. see Gen. 1.27 and 5.2. 19:5 said, (b-2) Gen. 2.24. be (c-25) Eis. lit. 'to one flesh;' with the force of, 'shall become so,' 'be for it,' 'though two persons, no longer two.' see Note, 1Cor. 6.16. There is no eis in 'but one flesh' in ver. 6. 19:9 not (d-13) Or, 'except.' 19:12 which (e-5) 'Who are such as have,' &c. 19:14 hinder (f-10) Or 'forbid not.' 19:17 good. (g-14) Some read, 'Why callest thou me good? no-one is good save God alone.' As it stands in text there is an article before 'good,' 'the good one.' 19:19 mother, (h-6) 'the father and the mother.' 19:28 regeneration (a-19) See Note, Titus 3.5. 19:29 who (b-4) As ch. 7.24, 'he who is such as.'
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