Micah 2

1:1 (b-0) (The title of this Book, 'Micah'), Meaning, Who is like Jah? see ch. 7.18; Ps. 68.4.2:1 work (q-8) See Note m, Ps. 5.5. hand. (r-29) Or 'because for them their hand is God (El).' see Prov. 3.27. 2:2 oppress (s-18) Or 'defraud,' see Ezek. 22.12. man (t-20) Geber, Job 3.3. man (u-26) Ish, Gen. 2.23. 2:6 Prophesy (v-1) Lit. 'Drop,' in this and ver. 11, as Amos 7.16. these, (w-12) i.e. If the true prophets do not prophesy to the unjust rich men (see vers. 1,2). others translate 'They shall not prophesy of such.' 2:7 impatient? (x-12) Or 'Is the Spirit of Jehovah straitened?' to (y-23) Lit. 'with.' (z-0) This note set is not public domain. 2:8 with (a-17) Lit. 'from off.' averse (b-28) Or 'as coming back.' 2:10 that (c-14) Or 'because it is defiled, it.' 2:12 Bozrah, (d-27) Or 'in a fold.'
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