Micah 5

1:1 (b-0) (The title of this Book, 'Micah'), Meaning, Who is like Jah? see ch. 7.18; Ps. 68.4.5:2 (e-0) In the Hebrew, ch.5 begins here. be (f-7) Or 'though thou be small.' 5:4 earth. (a-40) Or 'land.' 5:5 princes (b-33) As Ps. 83.11; Ezek. 32.30; &c.. cf. also 'chiefs,' Josh. 13.21. 5:6 waste (c-4) Or 'feed on,' or 'rule,' Ps. 49.14; 80.13. 5:9 upon (d-7) Or 'above.' adversaries, (e-9) Or 'oppressors.' 5:15 of. (f-20) Or 'who have not hearkened.'
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