Micah 6

1:1 (b-0) (The title of this Book, 'Micah'), Meaning, Who is like Jah? see ch. 7.18; Ps. 68.4.6:4 bondage; (g-20) Lit. 'bondmen.' 6:5 righteousness (h-29) Lit. 'righteousnesses.' 6:8 goodness, (a-24) Chesed, 'mercy,' 'loving-kindness,' as 2Chron. 6.42. 6:10 measure (b-16) Lit. 'ephah.' 6:14 thee; (c-17) Or 'thou shalt be quite cast down.' 6:16 desolation, (d-29) Or 'an astonishment.' thereof (e-33) i.e. Samaria, ch. 1.5.
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