Micah 7

1:1 (b-0) (The title of this Book, 'Micah'), Meaning, Who is like Jah? see ch. 7.18; Ps. 68.4.7:1 desired. (f-34) Or 'my soul desired an early fig.' 7:2 godly (g-2) Chasid. see Note, 2Chron. 6.42. land, (h-9) Or 'earth.' men. (i-16) The Adam -- mankind, as Gen. 1.27. net. (k-32) Or '[as] after one under a ban.' see Isa. 34.5. 7:3 combine (l-32) Lit. 'weave,' 'twist.' 7:8 enemy. (m-7) Feminine. see ver. 10. arise; (n-13) * Lit. 'when I have fallen I have arisen.' 7:11 limit (a-16) Or 'bound.' 7:12 Egypt, (b-15) Egypt (b-18) Matsor. Isa. 19.6. river, (c-21) i.e. the Euphrates. 7:14 forest, (d-16) See Ezek. 34.25. 7:17 close (e-21) Or 'fortified.' 7:20 perform (f-3) Lit. 'give.' Abraham, (g-9) Or 'wilt give the truth [promised] to Jacob, the loving-kindness [promised] to Abraham.'
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