Nahum 2

1:1 (h-0) * (The title of this book, 'Nahum'), Said to mean 'Comfort' or 'Comforted.'2:1 pieces (i-5) Or 'The maul.' 2:2 again (k-5) Or 'hath returned to.' Israel; (l-14) Or 'hath turned away the pride of Jacob as the pride of Israel.' them, (m-20) Or 'the emptiers have emptied them out.' 2:3 his (n-4) i.e. of Jehovah, who sends them to besiege Nineveh. sheen (o-21) Lit. 'fire.' spears (p-32) Lit. 'cypresses.' 2:5 He (f-1) i.e. the Assyrian, 'the wicked one,' ch. 1.15. shelter (q-21) Shelter for the besieged. 2:7 she (r-5) i.e. Nineveh. breasts. (s-28) Lit. 'hearts.'
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