Nahum 3

1:1 (h-0) * (The title of this book, 'Nahum'), Said to mean 'Comfort' or 'Comforted.'3:8 No-Amon, (a-5) i.e. the god Amon of No (Thebes) in Egypt. rivers, (b-11) Or 'canals.' 3:9 Ethiopia (c-1) 'Cush.' infinite; (d-10) Or 'endless.' her (e-16) Lit. 'thy,' but referring here to No-Amon, which is apostrophised. 3:11 hid; (f-9) Or 'shalt hide thyself.' 3:15 cankerworm. (g-19) See Joel 1.4. 3:17 grasshoppers, (h-14) Heb. gob gobai, lit. 'grasshopper of grasshoppers,' -- probably a species of locust which issues from the ground when hatched; not as Ex. 10.13.
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