Nehemiah 12

1:1 Nehemiah (c-4) Meaning, 'Comfort of Jehovah.' year, (d-21) That is, of Artaxerxes Longimanus; see ch. 2.1; Ezra 7.1. Shushan (e-26) The capital of Elam. fortress, (f-28) Or 'palace.'12:9 watches. (a-12) Or 'in [their] charges.' 12:12 of (b-11) Or 'for;' and so all through this passage. 12:17 Moadiah, (c-7) Maadiah, ver. 5 12:22 Johanan, (d-16) Jonathan, ver. 11. until (e-22) Or 'under.' Persian. (f-28) Darius III. Codomanus; according to those who translate 'under the reign,' it would be Darius II, Nothus. 12:23 Johanan (d-21) Jonathan, ver. 11. 12:29 Beth-Gilgal, (g-3) Or 'the house of Gilgal.' hamlets (h-19) See ch. 11.25. 12:40 rulers (a-17) See Ezra 9.2. 12:43 offered (b-5) Zevach. lit. 'sacrificed.' 12:44 time (c-4) Or 'on that day.' 12:47 consecrated (d-31) Or 'set apart as holy.'
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