Nehemiah 2

1:1 Nehemiah (c-4) Meaning, 'Comfort of Jehovah.' year, (d-21) That is, of Artaxerxes Longimanus; see ch. 2.1; Ezra 7.1. Shushan (e-26) The capital of Elam. fortress, (f-28) Or 'palace.'2:1 Artaxerxes (b-15) See Ezra 7.1. 2:3 place (c-24) Lit. 'house.' 2:8 forest, (d-11) Heb. 'paradise,' 'park' or 'pleasure-grounds.' palace (e-26) Or 'fortress.' 2:10 Horonite, (a-5) According to some, 'of Beth-Horon,' Josh. 16.3,5; according to others, 'of Horonaim in Moab,' Isa. 15.5 2:13 valley-gate, (b-9) Gate of the valley or ravine [of Hinnom]. 2:15 valley, (c-10) Or 'torrent.' see Deut. 2.13. 2:16 rulers (d-3) rulers, (d-36) See Ezra 9.2. 2:19 Geshem (e-12) Gashmu. see ch. 6.6.
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