Nehemiah 4

1:1 Nehemiah (c-4) Meaning, 'Comfort of Jehovah.' year, (d-21) That is, of Artaxerxes Longimanus; see ch. 2.1; Ezra 7.1. Shushan (e-26) The capital of Elam. fortress, (f-28) Or 'palace.'4:4 prey (h-21) Or 'to reproach.' 4:6 mind (i-22) Lit. 'heart.' 4:8 hinder (k-15) Or 'harm.' 4:11 adversaries (l-3) Tzar, as Ezra 4.1. 4:12 returned (m-27) Heb. 'ye return.' 4:14 rulers, (a-15) As Ezra 9.2. 4:16 shields, (b-26) Small shields. 4:19 rulers, (a-10) As Ezra 9.2. 4:22 servant (c-16) Heb. 'young man;' and so ver. 23 and ch. 5.15,16. 4:23 side. (d-34) Others. '... [in going to] the water;' probably a corrupt reading.
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