Numbers 11

1:16 summoned (a-4) That is, those who were habitually called to undertake the matters of the assembly.11:1 evil (b-13) Or 'that the people became like men complaining of evil.' 11:3 Taberah; (c-9) 'Burning.' 11:7 appearance (d-10) Lit. 'eye.' 11:8 oil-cakes. (a-38) Others, 'fresh oil.' 11:25 [it]. (b-49) So the LXX. The A.V. 'and ceased not,' follows a different punctuation of the Hebrew. 11:28 men, (a-15) Or 'select ones;' others, 'an attendant from his youth up.' 11:31 sea, (b-14) Or the west. 11:34 Kibroth-hattaavah; (c-9) Graves of lust.
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