Numbers 18

1:16 summoned (a-4) That is, those who were habitually called to undertake the matters of the assembly.18:2 unite (a-21) See Note, Gen. 29.34. 18:9 offering (b-15) Corban, Lev. 1.2. 18:10 holy (a-3) Or 'in the most holy place.' but see Ex. 29.37. 18:12 best (b-3) best (b-10) Lit. 'fat.' so vers. 29,30,32. 18:17 burn (c-39) See Lev. 1.9. 18:19 offer (d-13) Lit. 'heave.' so all through this passage to ver. 29, as ch. 15.19. 18:21 for (e-19) Lit. 'in exchange for;' and so ver. 31. 18:23 they (f-15) That is, the Levites. 18:29 best (a-20) Lit. 'fat,' as ver. 12. 18:30 best (a-11) Lit. 'fat,' as ver. 12. 18:31 for (b-18) See ver. 21. 18:32 best (a-17) Lit. 'fat,' as ver. 12.
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