Numbers 21

1:16 summoned (a-4) That is, those who were habitually called to undertake the matters of the assembly.21:1 south, (b-11) See ch. 13.17, and Gen. 12.9. Atharim, (c-20) Some read 'the spies.' 21:3 Hormah. (a-30) See ch. 14.45. 21:4 impatient (b-28) Or 'was wearied.' 21:8 upon (c-31) Lit. 'seeth.' 21:9 brass, (d-7) brass, (d-32) Or 'copper.' beheld (e-28) 'looked intently [at].' so ch. 23.21. 21:11 Ijim-Abarim, (f-9) Or 'heaps of Abarim.' 21:14 brooks (g-18) Elsewhere 'torrents.' 21:15 brooks (g-6) Elsewhere 'torrents.' Ar, (h-13) Or 'Shebeth-Ar.' 21:16 Beer. (i-5) Well. 21:17 sing (k-9) Or 'answer,' 'respond,' as Hos. 2.25. 21:18 lawgiver, (l-18) Or 'with the ruler's wand,' Gen. 49.10. 21:25 villages. (a-24) Lit. 'daughters.' see Note at 2Sam. 20.19. 21:29 escaped, (b-17) Or 'his sons to be fugitives.' 21:30 them; (c-6) Or 'have laid them low.' Medeba. (d-25) Or 'with fire unto Medeba.' 21:32 villages, (a-13) Lit. 'daughters.' see Note at 2Sam. 20.19.
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