Numbers 35

1:16 summoned (a-4) That is, those who were habitually called to undertake the matters of the assembly.35:5 without (a-5) * The city was in the centre and the suburbs extended from the city wall 1,000 cubits on all sides. The full length across each side was 2,000 cubits plus the measurement of the city. 35:12 avenger; (b-11) See Note, Ps. 69.18. 35:16 murderer. (c-19) Lit. 'slayer;' and so elsewhere. 35:19 avenger (a-2) See Note, Ps. 69.18. 35:22 anything (b-16) 'Object' or 'instrument' of any sort. 35:24 judgments; (c-17) Or 'ordinances,' Mishpat. 35:27 avenger (d-18) See ver. 12. 35:29 right (e-10) Or 'judgment,' as ch. 27.11. 35:30 death; (f-18) Lit. 'shall the slayer be slain.' testify (g-24) Lit. 'answer.' 35:31 life (h-9) Lit. 'soul.'
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