Numbers 4

1:16 summoned (a-4) That is, those who were habitually called to undertake the matters of the assembly.4:3 service, (a-17) Tsaba. Service to which one is subjected. elsewhere 'labour,' 'suffering,' 'military service,' and so 'labour' in vers. 30,35,39,43. see ch. 26.2; Isa. 40.2. 4:5 separation (b-22) Masach; see Ex. 35.12. 4:9 light, (a-15) As Ex. 25.6. 4:12 sanctuary, (b-15) Kodesh; see Ex. 25.8. 4:13 ashes, (c-9) See Lev. 1.16. 4:15 things, (d-42) Or 'the sanctuary.' so in ver. 20. Same as 'sanctuary' vers. 12,15,16. 4:16 incense, (e-22) See Ex. 30.7. 4:19 things. (f-23) Or 'unto the holy of holies;' see Ex. 26.33. 4:20 moment (g-11) Lit. 'like a swallowing (of spittle).' Job. 7.19. 4:23 service (h-27) Or 'work,' as ch. 3.7,8. 4:27 appoint (a-32) As 'number,' ver. 32. 4:30 labour, (b-22) See Note at ver. 3. 4:32 materials (c-35) As 'instruments' above. 4:35 labour, (b-18) See Note at ver. 3. 4:37 through (d-33) Lit. 'by the hand of,' here and often elsewhere. 4:39 labour, (b-18) See Note at ver. 3. 4:43 labour, (b-18) See Note at ver. 3.
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