Philippians 4

1:1 ministers; (c-23) Or 'deacons' (diakonos), see Note. Rom. 16.1.4:3 them, (a-9) Or 'those [women];' 'them' is feminine. who (b-10) i e. who are such as, haitines. 4:5 gentleness (c-3) Or, 'moderation,' 'mildness,' not insisting on one's rights. As 'gentle,' Jas. 3.17. 4:6 to (d-20) 'Before,' pros. see 'at,' Matt. 21.1. They were to address their requests to him. 4:8 noble, (e-12) Or 'venerable,' as 'grave,' 1Tim. 3.8. amiable, (f-24) Or 'lovable.' 4:10 surely (g-21) I have translated this phrase 'though surely,' as giving the sense. It qualifies the apparent reproach of the apostle that they had revived their thinking of him. 'I say that ye have begun again, but I do not mean ye did not think of me, only ye had no good occasion to show it.' 4:15 came (h-16) Or 'had come.' 4:16 need. (i-15) As 'wants,' Acts 20.34. 4:20 [be] (a-7) Lit. 'the glory' (with an emphatic article), the due divine glory; but 'the glory' in English rather means the glory of that of which he had been speaking.
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