Proverbs 10

1:2 instruction; (i-5) 'Wisdom' here and in ver. 7 is chokmah. 'Instruction' means also, 'correction,' 'warning,' 'discipline,' Job 36.10.10:6 violence. (m-17) Or 'but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked.' 10:7 blessed; (a-9) Lit. 'for a blessing.' 10:8 fool (b-10) Lit. 'a fool of lips.' 10:9 securely; (c-7) Or 'confidently.' 10:10 fool (b-12) Lit. 'a fool of lips.' 10:11 violence. (d-19) See Note, ver. 6. 10:14 destruction. (e-14) Or 'is imminent destruction.' 10:15 poor (f-13) 'Reduced,' 'exhausted,' or 'helpless,' ch. 28.3; 'weaker,' as 2Sam. 3.1. 10:16 sin. (g-17) Chattaah. see Note, Zech. 14.19. 10:17 instruction (h-2) Or 'discipline.' 10:18 fool. (i-17) Kesil. see Note o, ch. 1.7. 10:22 it. (k-14) Or 'toil addeth nothing to it.' 10:23 wickedness; (l-11) Or 'to commit infamy.' 10:30 land. (m-15) Or 'dwell on the earth.' 10:31 froward (n-12) Or 'deceitful,' as ch. 8.13. 10:32 frowardness. (o-18) Lit. 'frowardnesses,' or 'deceits.' see ch. 2.12,14.
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