Proverbs 14

1:2 instruction; (i-5) 'Wisdom' here and in ver. 7 is chokmah. 'Instruction' means also, 'correction,' 'warning,' 'discipline,' Job 36.10.14:2 perverted (d-13) See chs. 2.15; 3.32. 14:5 uttereth (e-11) As ch. 6.19; so ver. 25; ch. 19.5,9. 14:9 for (f-8) Lit. 'among.' favour. (g-13) Or 'good-will.' 14:15 heedeth (h-10) Or 'discerneth.' 14:20 friends. (i-17) Lit. 'lovers.' 14:21 afflicted, (k-14) Or 'meek.' 14:22 devise (l-6) Or 'meditate.' 14:28 prince. (a-21) Or 'ruler,' as ch. 8.15. 14:30 sound (b-2) Or 'tranquil,' 'placid.' 14:32 evil-doing; (c-8) Or 'in his calamity.' trusteth, (d-12) Or 'is full of confidence.' 14:34 reproach (e-9) Or 'disgrace.' peoples. (f-11) Leummim. see Ps. 2.1.
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