Proverbs 18

1:2 instruction; (i-5) 'Wisdom' here and in ver. 7 is chokmah. 'Instruction' means also, 'correction,' 'warning,' 'discipline,' Job 36.10.18:4 gushing (k-17) As Ps. 19.2; 78.2; 119.171. 18:6 into (l-5) Or 'bring.' 18:8 belly. (a-20) Or 'into the depths (lit. 'chambers') of the soul;' and so chs. 20.27,30; 26.22. 18:10 safe. (b-16) Or 'unapproachable;' lit. 'set in a high retreat.' see Ps. 20.1. 18:14 bear? (c-15) Or 'can raise it up.' 18:19 offended (d-3) Or 'injured.' 18:24 friends (e-5) Or 'companions,' 'associates,' Ps. 38.11. friend (f-14) Lit. 'lover,' as Ps. 38.11. see ch. 14.20.
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