Proverbs 2

1:2 instruction; (i-5) 'Wisdom' here and in ver. 7 is chokmah. 'Instruction' means also, 'correction,' 'warning,' 'discipline,' Job 36.10.2:7 wisdom (f-5) Or 'true wisdom,' or 'soundness;' and so chs. 3.21; 8.14. see Job 6.13; 12.16. 2:8 ones. (g-14) Or 'saints;' chasid, see Ps. 30.4. 2:9 judgment (h-7) 'Just judgment' or 'justice.' path. (i-12) The word is difficult to render. It is properly 'a path going round,' and hence used for the 'entrenchment' of a war camp, as 'wagon-defence' in 1Sam. 17.20. It is applied, as in Ps. 17.5; 23.3, to God's path for the saint, which does not always lead where we expect, or so that we can see straight on in it; and also to the shifting ways of the wicked, as ver. 18; and so in ver. 15, where the plural is rendered collectively 'course.' 2:12 things; (a-15) Or 'deceits,' plural, as often. see Ps. 5.9; 11.7. 2:13 uprightness, (b-8) From jashar. see ch. 3.32. 2:14 frowardness (a-10) Or 'deceits,' plural, as often. see Ps. 5.9; 11.7. 2:15 perverted (c-8) See Note, ch. 3.32. course. (d-11) See Note i, ver. 9. 2:17 guide (e-4) Or 'familiar friend.' 2:18 paths (d-10) See Note i, ver. 9. dead; (f-13) Or 'shades,' as Job. 26.5, see Ps. 88.10. 2:21 land, (g-8) Or 'earth.' 2:22 land, (g-10) Or 'earth.' unfaithful (h-13) More exactly, 'faithless,' 'perfidious,' 'treacherous,' but used as towards God. see Ps. 78.57; Jer. 3.20.
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