Proverbs 26

1:2 instruction; (i-5) 'Wisdom' here and in ver. 7 is chokmah. 'Instruction' means also, 'correction,' 'warning,' 'discipline,' Job 36.10.26:1 fool. (d-15) Kesil. so in all this passage, vers. 1 to 12. see ch. 1.7. 26:6 damage. (e-19) Lit. 'violence' or 'wrong.' 26:8 stoneheap, (f-8) Or 'As the binding of a stone in a sling.' 26:10 passers-by. (g-14) Or 'as an archer that woundeth all, so is he that hireth,' &c. 26:18 madman (h-3) Or 'jester.' 26:22 belly. (i-20) See ch. 18.8.
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