Proverbs 3

1:2 instruction; (i-5) 'Wisdom' here and in ver. 7 is chokmah. 'Instruction' means also, 'correction,' 'warning,' 'discipline,' Job 36.10.3:4 understanding (i-8) Or 'sense,' 'wisdom,' or 'esteem.' see Note, ch. 1.3. 3:5 intelligence; (k-14) Or 'discernment,' as ch. 2.3. 3:6 plain (l-11) Or 'straight;' and so ch. 11.5. see Ps. 5.8. 3:11 instruction (m-6) See ch. 1.2. chastisement; (n-14) Or 'loathe not his reproof.' 3:15 rubies; (o-6) Or 'coral;' others 'pearls,' see Job 28.18. 3:20 up, (a-8) Or 'were torn up.' see Gen. 7.11; or 'burst forth.' 3:21 keep (b-10) Strictly, 'observe;' and so ch. 4.13; Job 7.20. wisdom (c-12) Or 'true counsel.' see Note, ch. 2.7. 3:32 perverse (d-3) Strictly, 'turned aside,' 'perverted,' as chs. 2.15; 14.2. It is the opposite of jashar, 'upright,' in this verse.
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