Proverbs 8

1:2 instruction; (i-5) 'Wisdom' here and in ver. 7 is chokmah. 'Instruction' means also, 'correction,' 'warning,' 'discipline,' Job 36.10.8:5 sense. (a-10) Strictly, 'heart.' 8:8 tortuous (b-13) Or 'wily,' as Job 5.13; lit. 'twisted.' 8:9 plain (c-4) See 'right on,' ch. 4.25. right (d-10) Or 'straight,' as ch. 4. 25. 8:11 rubies, (e-6) As in chs. 3.15; 20.15; 31.10; Job 28.18; Lam. 4.7. 8:12 reflection. (f-13) Here the plural, as ch. 5.2. 8:13 mouth (g-19) Or 'mouth of deceits.' see ch. 2.12,14. 8:15 rulers (h-6) Or 'ministers [of state],' as Judg. 5.3; Ps. 2.2. 8:17 early (i-12) Or 'earnestly.' 8:18 durable (k-7) Or 'resplendent.' 8:22 works (l-12) See Ps. 46.8. 8:23 up (m-4) Lit. 'anointed.' as Ps. 2.6. 8:26 dust (n-18) Lit. 'particles,' plural. 8:27 circle (o-13) See Job 26.10; Isa. 40.22. 8:28 strong; (p-14) Or 'when [he] strengthened the fountains of the deep.' 8:30 nursling, (q-7) The nursling of his love. Or '[his] artificer.' The Hebrew is linked with 'artist' in Cant. 7.1. rejoicing (r-14) Or 'disporting.' 8:31 rejoicing (r-1) Or 'disporting.' part (s-5) Lit. 'world,' Tebel, as 'circuit,' Job 37.12. That part of the earth fitted for man to live on. see 1Sam. 2.8; Ps. 90.2; 96.10. 8:34 at (a-14) Or 'keeping,' 'guarding.' 8:36 me (b-6) Or 'he that misseth me.'
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