Psalms 139

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'139:3 out (a-3) Lit. 'siftest.' 139:4 yet (b-5) Or 'ere [even] there is.' 139:13 me (c-10) Or 'thou didst knit me together,' as Job 10.11. See also 'hedged in,' Job 3.23, and 'cover,' Ps. 91.4. 139:15 were (d-3) Or 'framework was.' 139:16 days (e-19) Or 'continuously.' 139:20 wickedly, (f-6) Or 'with evil intent.' enemies. (g-14) Or '[They] who speak wickedly of thee have lifted up themselves to lying, -- thine enemies.' 139:23 thoughts; (h-14) As Ps. 94.19, 'anxious (or conflicting) thoughts.' 139:24 way (i-8) Or 'idolatrous way.'
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