Psalms 55

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'55:2 about (k-9) Or 'am restless.' 55:3 wicked. (l-14) As Ps. 9.5. iniquity (m-18) Or 'vanity;' it is inwardly devised evil. see Job 4.8; 15.35; Pa 7.14; 10.7; 66.18; 90.10. 55:10 iniquity (a-13) See Note m, Ps 55.3. 55:11 Perversities (b-1) See Ps. 5.9 and Note d. streets. (c-15) Or 'open place.' 55:13 man (d-6) Enosh. see Ps. 8.4, 55:15 them, (e-5) Some read 'Desolation be upon them!' 55:19 seated (f-10) Or 'that abideth.' they (g-23) Or 'because they with whom are no changes.' 55:21 mouth, (h-8) Or '[The words of] his mouth were smooth as butter.' 55:22 burden (i-3) Or 'the portion assigned to thee.'
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