Psalms 74

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'74:2 redeemed (b-13) As Ps. 69.18, &c. portion (c-17) Lit. 'staff [for measuring];' or 'tribe.' 74:4 adversaries (d-2) Tzar, Ps. 8.2. signs. (e-18) See Ex. 4.17; 10.2. 74:7 habitation (f-12) Mishkan, used for 'tabernacle,' Ex. 25.9, &c.; 2Chron. 29.6, Ps. 78.60. Also 'dwelleth,' Ps. 26.8. 74:8 destroy (g-8) Or 'oppress.' 74:14 leviathan, (h-9) As Job 3.8. those (i-17) i.e. the wild beasts. 74:16 moon (k-14) Lit. 'light-bearer,' i.e. what gives light, as Gen. 1.14-16; Ex. 25.6. 74:18 foolish (l-11) Or 'vile,' 'impious.' see ver. 22 and Ps. 53.1. 74:19 beast; (m-12) Or 'Give not up thy turtle-dove unto the greedy troop' (or 'herd'). troop (n-16) Others, 'life,' as 'flock,' Ps. 68.10.
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