Psalms 10

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'10:2 afflicted. (a-10) Or 'Through the pride of the wicked [man], the afflicted is sore pressed.' 10:4 out. (b-14) Or 'The wicked in his haughtiness doth not seek [God];' or 'troubleth himself for nothing.' 10:5 succeed; (c-4) Lit. 'are rigid.' 10:10 ones. (d-14) An allusion probably to 'fangs [of a lion].' 10:12 afflicted. (e-12) Others, 'the meek,' as also in Ps. 9.12. see 9.18. 10:14 trouble (f-9) Or 'mischief,' as ver. 7. by (g-14) Or 'to put it into.' himself (h-20) Or 'it.' 10:18 man (i-13) Enosh. Ps. 8.4.
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