Psalms 102

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'102:4 yea, (a-9) Or 'for.' 102:10 wrath; (b-7) See Notes, Ps. 38.1 and 3. 102:12 memorial (c-9) See Ex. 3.15. 102:14 favour (d-10) Or 'are gracious to,' as in preceding verse. 102:20 die; (e-15) Lit. 'the sons of death.' 102:24 generation. (f-22) Lit. 'in generation of generations.' see Ps. 72.5. 102:27 Same, (g-5) Lit. 'Thou He,' a name of God, 'The existing One, who does not change.' see Deut. 32.39. 102:28 abide, (h-7) Or 'dwell,' as Ps. 37.27,29.
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