Psalms 105

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'105:1 (d-0) With vers. 1-15 compare 1Chron. 16.8-22 105:2 upon (e-9) Or 'talk of.' 105:5 judgments (f-13) Or 'ordinances.' 105:12 men (g-6) As Deut. 4.27. 105:19 said (h-7) word (h-11) 'Said' dabar; 'word' imrah. see Note, Ps. 119.11. 105:34 cankerworm, (a-9) Lit. 'the feeder,' a species of locust, most probably in the stage before it arrives at its perfect state, and in which it devours much herbage. see Joel 1.4. 105:37 feeble (b-15) Or 'that stumbled.' 105:43 chosen (c-10) As 'elect,' Ps. 89.3. rejoicing; (d-12) Or 'songs of triumph.' 105:44 peoples. (e-19) Leummim. see Ps. 2.1. 105:45 Hallelujah! (f-11) See Note, Ps. 104.35.
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