Psalms 106

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'106:1 (g-1) With vers. 1,47,48 compare 1Chron. 16.34-36. he (h-8) Or 'it;' and so in Ps. 107.1. 106:7 rebelled (i-20) Or 'provoked [him],' as ver. 43. 106:9 wilderness. (k-21) Or 'the wilderness;' but see Ezek. 34.25. 106:16 saint (a-11) Or 'holy one' (kadosh). see Ps. 89.18. 106:26 hand (b-6) i.e. he swore. see Ex. 6.8. 106:34 as (c-7) Or 'concerning whom.'
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