Psalms 107

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'107:12 labour; (a-8) Or 'pain,' 'anguish.' 107:20 destructions. (a-13) Lit. 'pits,' and so 'pit-falls.' see Job 33.18,22; Lam. 4.20. 107:22 offer (b-4) Zavach, lit. 'sacrifice,' as Ps. 4.5; 27.6; 50.14,23, &c. thanksgiving, (c-8) See Lev. 7.12. song. (d-15) Or 'with rejoicing.' 107:43 them (e-11) Or 'Whoso is wise and observeth these things, even [they] shall.' loving-kindnesses (f-14) Chesed, as in vers. 1,8,15,21,31.
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