Psalms 116

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'116:3 bands (c-2) As Ps. 18.4,5, according to others 'pangs.' anguish (d-9) Lit. 'anguishes,' 'distresses.' of (e-14) Or 'found.' 116:9 land (a-8) Lit. 'lands.' 116:11 haste, (b-5) Or 'agitation.' see Ps. 31.22. men (c-7) Or 'mankind,' Adam. see Gen. 1.27. 116:13 salvation, (d-7) Lit. 'salvations,' as Ps. 53.6. 116:15 saints. (e-12) Chasid. see Ps. 30.4. 116:17 offer (f-3) Lit. 'sacrifice,' as Ps. 50.14; 107.22, &c.
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