Psalms 119

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'119:1 (e-0) An alphabetical Psalm in periods of eight verses, each of which begins with the same Hebrew letter. The sections follow the alphabetical order. 119:5 statutes! (f-10) As Ex. 12.24. 22 times in this Psalm. 119:7 thanks (g-5) Or 'I will praise thee.' judgments. (h-17) Or 'ordinances.' so throughout. 119:10 sought (i-7) Or 'do I seek.' 119:11 *word (k-2) It may be well to notice the distinction between Dabar and Imrah, so frequent in this Psalm. Dabar is 'word,' agreeing with Logos in the New Testament; Omer and Imrah mean 'a word,' 'speech,' 'what is said,' and, if we except Josh. 24.27, are only used in poetic style. The latter form (Imrah), which is feminine, alone occurs here; 'saying' might have done for it, were it not otherwise objectionable. It fixes the mind more especially on what is expressed, having thus occasionally the force of 'promise' (Omer), as Ps. 77.8, or 'command' (Imrah), as Ps. 147.15. In the sense of 'word' Imrah is found twenty-six times, of which nineteen are in this Psalm, where it is distinguished from Dabar by a dot (*) placed before 'word.' A modified form, also in the sense of 'word,' is found in Lam. 2.17. 119:12 statutes. (a-8) See Note, ver. 5. 119:13 judgments (b-9) Or 'ordinances.' so throughout. 119:19 land; (c-7) Or 'on the earth.' 119:20 judgments (d-8) See Note, ver. 7; and so ver. 52. 119:21 rebuked (e-3) Or 'Thou rebukest.' 119:25 quicken (f-8) The word has the double sense of 'making to live,' Job 33.4, and 'keeping alive,' Gen. 7.3. 119:28 me (g-7) Others translate, 'raise me up.' 119:43 hoped (a-16) The word means 'to wait with earnest desire and longing' (see Ps. 69.3); and so vers. 49,74,81,114,147; Ps. 147.11, &c. 119:45 liberty, (b-6) Lit. 'at large.' see Ps. 118.5. 119:50 for (c-8) Or 'that.' 119:57 words. (d-13) Or 'Jehovah is my portion. I have said that I will keep thy words.' 119:66 believed (e-10) Or 'I believe.' 119:70 me, (f-10) See vers. 78 and 87. 119:78 towards (a-11) Or 'have subverted.' see Ps. 146.9; Lam. 3.36. 119:83 bottle (b-7) A leathern bottle. 119:85 not (c-10) Or 'who are not.' 119:91 things (d-10) Strictly, 'all,' 'the whole.' 119:98 wiser (e-5) Or 'Thou makest me wiser [through] thy commandments.' me. (f-14) Or 'for it is mine.' 119:103 *words (a-5) Lit. 'word' (Imrah). 119:118 nought (b-5) 'trodden under foot.' 119:119 away (c-3) For 'puttest away' some read 'accountest.' For 'dross' LXX has 'transgressors.' earth (d-9) Or 'land.' 119:126 work. (e-7) Or 'to act.' see Jer. 18.23. 119:130 entrance (f-2) Or 'opening,' 'declaration.' 119:132 unto (a-2) Or 'Look upon.' 119:133 iniquity (b-11) See Note m, Ps. 56.3. 119:134 Deliver (c-1) Or 'Ransom.' 119:137 are (d-8) Or 'and upright in.' 119:139 oppressors (e-7) Tzar, or 'adversaries,' as Ps. 8.2; 108.13. 119:140 pure, (f-5) Or 'well refined,' 'tried,' as Ps. 18.30. 119:142 righteousness, (g-6) Lit. 'a righteousness for ever.' see ver. 144. 119:153 forgotten (h-12) Or 'I do not forget.' 119:154 redeem (i-5) As Lev. 25.25; Ps. 103.4. 119:157 oppressors; (e-7) Tzar, or 'adversaries,' as Ps. 8.2; 108.13. 119:158 grieved; (k-9) Or 'and I loathed [them].' see Ps. 139.21. 119:165 them. (a-13) Or 'they have no stumbling-block.' 119:171 me (b-11) Or 'for thou teachest me.' 119:172 of (c-6) Or 'shall respond to,' 'sing in answer to.' see Ezra 3.11.
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