Psalms 132

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'132:5 habitations (f-9) Or 'tabernacles,' as Ps. 84.1, &c. 132:6 it (g-5) i.e. the ark. Ephratah, (h-7) Bethlehem-Judah. wood. (i-16) Or 'of Jaar,' used here poetically for Kirjath-jearim. 132:7 habitations, (f-6) Or 'tabernacles,' as Ps. 84.1, &c. 132:9 saints (k-11) Chasid. see Ps. 30.4. 132:10 anointed. (l-13) See 2Chron. 6.41,42. 132:17 of (a-7) Lit. 'a horn for.' forth; (b-11) Or 'sprout;' as Isa. 4.2; Jer. 33.15; Ezek. 29.21. ordained (c-14) Others read 'I will ordain.' 132:18 crown (d-13) Or 'diadem.' see Ps. 89.39
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