Psalms 145

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'145:1 (f-0) An alphabetical Psalm, as Ps. 25, the 14th letter being, omitted. 145:7 utter (g-4) As Ps. 19.2. 145:10 saints (h-10) Or 'godly ones.' see Ps. 30.4. 145:12 splendour (i-15) Or 'the glory of the majesty.' 145:13 generations. (k-15) Lit. 'in every generation and generation,' as Ps. 45.17. 145:17 kind (a-9) Chasid, as 'merciful,' Jer. 3.12. 145:21 bless (b-13) Or 'all flesh shall bless.'
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