Psalms 149

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'149:1 godly. (g-16) Or 'godly,' chasid. see Ps. 30.4. congregation (h-13) As Ex. 12.6. 149:2 Maker; (i-6) The Hebrew word for 'Maker' is plural. 149:4 people; (a-7) Am (singular of Ammim, Ps. 7.8). It generally signifies Israel. 149:5 godly (b-3) Chasid. see Ps. 30.4. 149:6 mouth, (c-10) Lit. 'throat,' as Ps. 5.9; Isa. 58.1. 149:7 nations, (d-6) Goim. see Isa. 1.4. peoples; (e-11) Leummim. see Ps. 2.1. 149:9 saints. (b-13) Chasid. see Ps. 30.4. them (f-4) Or 'exercise among them.'
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