Psalms 16

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'16:1 Michtam (c-1) Meaning doubtful. According to some, 'a golden jewel.' See Ps. 56-60. 16:3 To (d-1) The preposition is the same as before 'Jehovah' in ver. 2. but 'to' before 'thee,' at the end of ver. 2, is different. saints (e-3) Kadoshim. plural of Kadosh, which is used of God in Ps. 22.3; 71.22; 78.41; 89.18; 99.3,5; Hab. 1.12, &c., and is translated 'holy' -- 'holy one.' It is used of 'Aaron,' Ps. 106.16. 16:5 inheritance (f-7) Or 'mine assigned portion.' 16:6 lines (g-2) Or 'portions.' see Josh. 17.5,14. fallen (h-4) See Mic. 2.5. 16:9 glory (i-7) Or 'honour.' In Acts 2.26, 'tongue,' from the LXX. But see Gen. 49.6. It may be taken as a synonym of 'soul.' see Ps. 7.5. hope. (k-15) Or 'shall rest in safety,' as Ps. 4.8. 16:10 Sheol, (l-9) See Notes to Ps. 6.5 and Matt. 11.23. One (m-16) Or 'gracious one,' chasid. see Notes to Ps. 4.3; 30.4.
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