Psalms 17

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'17:1 right, (a-7) Strictly, 'righteousness' 17:2 judgment (b-3) Or 'right.' 17:4 from (c-15) Or 'I have paid attention to.' 17:5 paths, (d-8) Or 'Hold my goings in thy paths, that my ...' 17:6 speech. (e-19) Imrah. see Ps. 119.11. 17:7 loving-kindnesses, (f-4) Chesed. see 2Chron. 6.42. 17:8 eye, (g-8) See Deut. 32.10; Prov. 7.2,9; 20.20. 17:11 us (h-5) Or 'me.' earth. (i-18) Or 'they set their eyes to cast [us] down to the earth.' 17:13 sword; (k-15) Or '[by] thy sword.' 17:14 are] (l-4) Or '[by].' age. (m-13) Cheled or 'world.' so Ps. 49.1; 'life,' Ps. 89.47 and Job 11.17; also 'lifetime,' Ps. 39.5. sons, (n-34) Or [their] sons are surfeited.' 17:15 with (o-18) Or 'as.'
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