Psalms 2

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'2:1 peoples (c-12) Leummim, a general word for 'the races of mankind.' 2:2 themselves, (d-7) Or 'stand up.' 2:4 Lord (e-10) Adonai. 2:6 anointed (f-4) Or 'installed.' see Prov. 8.23. 2:8 earth. (g-21) Erets, 'land,' but the plural 'ends' seems to involve the meaning 'earth.' see 1Sam. 2.8,10; Ps. 72.8; Isa. 49.6; Acts 13.47. 2:9 sceptre (h-7) Or 'rod.' see Gen. 49.10. 2:10 wise, (i-7) Or 'consider well.' 2:12 little. (k-20) Or 'for soon his anger burneth.' trust (l-27) 'Take refuge,' as Ps. 61.4. same root word as 'refuge,' in Ps. 14.6, &c., and 'trust' in 2Sam. 22.3.
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