Psalms 25

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'25:1 David.} (c-4) An acrostic Psalm; the verses begin with the Hebrew letters in alphabetical succession, as Ps. 34. 25:5 day. (d-26) Or 'every day.' 25:7 transgressions; (e-10) See Note to Job 7.21. 25:12 choose. (f-18) Or 'that he [Jehovah] chooseth.' 25:13 earth. (g-13) Or 'possess the land,' as Ps. 37.9,29. 25:14 secret (h-2) i.e. 'the intimate (or private) communications.' them. (i-19) Or 'and his covenant, -- to make them know [it].' 25:17 bring (k-8) Some read 'Enlarge my heart in its troubles, and bring ...' Others read 'The troubles of my heart relieve thou, and bring ...' 25:21 uprightness (a-4) Or 'Integrity (perfection) and uprightness shall.'
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