Psalms 31

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'31:3 rock (i-5) Sela, as in Ps. 18.2, first time. 31:4 Draw (k-1) Or 'Thou wilt draw.' 31:6 vanities; (l-8) Or 'vain idols.' see Jonah 2.8. 31:10 iniquity, (a-18) Or 'my misery (distress);' but as meaning 'punishment.' 31:11 all (b-4) Or 'Because of all.' 31:12 in (c-4) Lit. 'from.' 31:20 hidest (d-17) See Ps. 83.3. 31:22 haste, (e-8) Or 'agitation,' 'terror,' 'alarm.' 31:23 saints. (f-6) Chasid. see Ps. 30.4 2Sam. 22.26.
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