Psalms 34

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'34:1 (a-0) An acrostic Psalm, arranged as Ps. 25. Abimelech, (b-11) Meaning, 'Father-king;' most probably the title of the Philistine kings. 34:5 not (c-12) Or 'shall not be.' 34:8 man (d-11) Geber. so Ps. 40.4. see Job. 3.3. 34:21 destroy (e-3) Or 'destroyeth utterly.' it is the intensive form of the verb. see 1Sam. 17.51. guilt. (f-15) Or 'shall be condemned.' 34:22 guilt. (f-18) Or 'shall be condemned.'
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