Psalms 35

1:1 seat (a-27) Or 'in the company.'35:4 life; (g-13) Heb. 'soul;' and so Ps. 38.12; &c. 35:11 witnesses (a-2) Lit. 'witnesses of violence,' as Deut. 19.16. charge (b-9) Or 'question me about.' 35:15 slanderers (c-11) Or 'base ones.' [it] (d-20) Or 'them.' 35:16 profane (e-2) Or 'hypocritical.' 35:17 one (f-16) See Ps. 22.20. 35:18 people. (g-16) Or 'in the midst of a great (or mighty) people.' 35:19 wrongfully (h-6) Or 'with false pretext.' 35:20 land. (i-16) Or 'on the earth.' 35:25 it. (k-13) Lit. 'our desire!'
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